Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, simply reset it by going into the Log In section and clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link below the form. Enter your email password and click submit. An email with a link to reset your password will be sent out to your email account.

Which dimensions and file formats can be uploaded?

The following formats can be uploaded: jpg, png, gif., and .pdf are supported at this point. Since the submission viewer is used to demonstrate your vision through the web, it is best to upload images at 72 dpi in order to maintain lower upload delays and maximize your experience. Files can be uploaded at a multiple paged PDF or individually as .jpegs. Images created for submission should be formatted as landscape, and can be up to 10Mb  in size. 

How are the winners determined?

The winners for a competition hosted on Prodigy Design Lab will be determined through a two-step process that includes the platforms rating system (public voting), and the project's jury of experts. Finalist are selected by the crowd through an algorithym that calculates the entries with the higest rating and most number of votes. Finalist are then presented to the competition jury and a winner is selected. 

How does rating work? 

The ProdigyDesignLab voting system is based on participation from the crowd. The more the crowd votes for submissions the higher your chances of being seen and win.

Voting for submission is one way to interact with the crowd and allow for your submission to be featured or discussed. Although voting is important to your submission, it is not the absolute determinant of your place in the competition. Please refer to How are the winners determined? for more information.

Do I keep the rights to my idea?

Yes you keep the rights to your idea. However, as specified in the terms and conditions, for a period of six months following submission of the idea, users who submit project proposals should not exploit this idea in other ways, or cede or offer it to any third party. The user retains the right to use his own idea for the purpose of self-promotion, provided he observes the rights of third parties". 

What images am I allowed to use on Prodigy Design Lab?

In order to upload and use images on Prodigy Design Lab as part of your project submission, you must own the rights to the image.

Be careful when using images in your project that are found on the web. If you do not know the source of the image, it's possible that you could be violating someone's intellectual property rights. However we strongly encourage to only use files that you've created. 

Can I work on a Project as a team?

Of course. We know great ideas come from collaboration and we encourage team participation. Each project will have a team leader (the person uploading and using their profile) but you can give credit to your team members when you upload the project at the Team Credits box. You have a brilliant idea but need collaborators to work it out and make it top notch? No problem, jovoto gives you the opportunity to collaborate on an idea in an idea team.

What is a Project Ambassador?

Each competition has a Project Ambassador as a guide or a point of contact for you. If you have a specific question or doubt, you can contact them directly for better guidance. You will see their info on the Project Brief page on the right column.


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