This is your opportunity to show everyone that a well designed park can make a huge impact on a city and its inhabitants. Help us design the ideal park for Bogota.
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$ 25,000
Project Brief
THE CALL We want the Alemania Park, which has the advantage of a strategic location, to become a symbol of urban renewal in this district and to represent of how these spaces are essential in everyday life for the citizens of Bogota. That is why we are calling on the people to present their ideas on how the perfect park should be. A park that indeed transforms the lives of those who have the opportunity to visit and offers a wide range of possibilities to escape the routine for all those who live and work nearby. Rapid population growth worldwide requires large cities to be constantly renewed according to the new needs of their inhabitants. It’s important to improve the quality of life for who don’t have enough space in their busy schedules to devote time to their own welfare. CONTEXT As time passes, the number of people increases while the area available becomes increasingly limited. Managers of large projects must then decide what use they will be giving to the strategically located areas by considering the common good. Parks and green areas are a particular case, because they are known to be important, but it seems they are not a priority when talking about urban infrastructure. Cities expand, and with it the public space that provides clean air is reduced. Consequently, a large part of the population is forced to move out of town on weekends in order to enjoy nature. A city like New York has demonstrated to the whole world that it can offer its inhabitants a better quality of life through its well-designed public. The Hudson River Park is a good example. With areas specially designed for sport and recreation, games for children, art exhibitions and greenery 'dog friendly'. Added to this is the interesting range of shops and restaurants that make this park worthy of multiple awards since 1995. 72 HUB: THE PROJECT Through 72 HUB in Bogota, Prodigy Network has found the opportunity to offer many people a change in their daily lives. A piece of land of 13.843 m2 will be the space for Prodigy’s latest project: HUB 72 and will be located next to The Alemania Park. This project has a private area of over 32,000 m2 and over 68,000 m2 built, which wants to claim the public space as a priority for the development of the city; has as a priority to develop large green areas and provide a wide square that joins the Alemania Park. 72 HUB aims to be a catalyst for urban renewal in this sector of the capital, which is driven by the local development plan and the investment plan of the town of Barrios Unidos. ALEMANIA PARK Alemania Park in turn is located just minutes from the financial sector in the Colombian capital and major commercial and entertainment areas like the Zona G, known for its great cuisine diversity, and the Zona T known for its various malls and reknown brands, invigorate the lives of the citizens. This park then becomes a potential area for recreation and entertainment in the floating population of the sector. The park is visited by approximately 1,500 people on weekdays and during weekends this amount can be doubled, given that its facilities provide sports and academic education activities, and are developed through institutions of higher education such as: the Corporation National Education - CEN, University Foundation of the Andean Area and Sports Club Skater Dream, among others * *Info taken from: http://www.idrd.gov.co/ Park Gallery: Gallery INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES 1. Landscaping and gardens 2. Fitness areas. 3. Playground (for children and adults) 4. Pet friendly park. 5. Lighting and art (Art instalation) 6. Maintenance and sustainability of the proposals in the park. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS All design proposals are to be saved and uploaded as *.pdf files at a minimum resolution of 150 dpi or individual jpegs. The images and content should account for the following: - Concept narrative - High-fi renders or illustrations. - Design process



$ 25,000

Primer premio


Mención Especial Eco-Friendly


Mención Especial Tecnología aplicada al espacio público.


Project Ambassador
María Paula Moreno C.
Project Jury
Arquitecto y urbanista
Creative Director - Prodigy Network
Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá (TAB) Bogotá
Presidente, REM Construcciones Bogotá
Founder & CEO of Prodigy Network
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