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Feb 21, 2014
$ 50,000
Apr 21, 2014
Project Brief
Business travels at the speed of innovation, and the expectations of the “next-gen” business traveler around work, connectivity and socialization continue to evolve. In anticipation of these changes Prodigy Network has introduced into their project portfolio, 17John, the world’s first Cotel. This project will be a “living-canvas,” for the crowd to define the future of hotels and business travel. The 17John Cotel will be the first commercial building in New York designed by the crowd, and the first collaborative hotel in the world. More than just a place to stay, 17John will use smart-design to support community, connectivity, innovation and collaboration for all of its guests. The collective intelligence of the crowd has proven to be much sharper than the one of any individual expert. This crowdsourcing real estate model will examine the patterns of interaction among tens of thousands of people over a period of time, adopting a designer's approach to cutting edge innovation, high efficiency, rapid testing and regular iteration. Committed to structuring and implementing end-to-end operational urban transformation, Prodigy Network gives creates a unique opportunity where profit and creativity meet to change the world.

3 Competitions*
Entry Format:
Teams or individuals entering the competition are eligible to enter one, two or all three competition categories.
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Public: Shared Collaborative Space Prize $20,000

This contest category will be focused on the design and layout of the Cotel’s public and communal spaces. Each submission needs to account for the following elements and designed to maximize all of the square footage designated for these amenities (see floor plan)

Please account for each of the  collaborative/public space program components outlined below. All design proposals are to be saved and uploaded as *.pdf files at a minimum resolution of 150 dpi. Design proposals can combine program areas, but each component must be individually defined on  its own ‘board,’ and each design component should include at least two renderings and one enlarged floor plan.

Individual Components

The C-Lounge

The C-Lounge is available for guests when they want to relax and socialize in a less formal setting. These spaces are also available to them to host networking or other social engagements. Additionally, 17John will host events such as product launches, fundraisers, panel discussions, and receptions. This space should include  catering components.

Meeting Areas

Unconventional meeting/collaboration spaces will be designed to facilitate creative thinking complemented with ergonomic furnishings. These areas are available for guests to network and share ideas. There should be more than one type of space available including, meeting rooms for large groups, areas designed for smaller meetings requiring more privacy, and specially designed spaces for inspiring brainstorming, networking and collaboration.


The components included in the lobby will introduce the guest to the amenities and conveniences available to them during their stay. This will be their first introduction to the Cotel team committed to helping them to connect to the right people at their convenience. Exclusive space, connectivity between arrival (existing ground floor lobby is small) and check-in should also be addressed.

Wellness and Fitness Center

This space should provide guests with tools to help them retreat from the stresses of work by giving them access to the types of exercise they would not normally experience at home; for example virtually ascending Alps Duhuez on a stationary bike. Meditate, relax, reboot, or retreat, this area must be a space that transcends typical gym equipment and replaces it holistically.

Rooftop Terrace

Design a space that can facilitate either an industry poolside party for 50, or a private reception for a business function. The collaborative environment extends from the intimacy of the lower public areas to an outdoor venue where the expanse of downtown Manhattan serves as its backdrop. 


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Private Space - One Bedroom Guest Suite Prize $20,000

The Cotel guest suites at 17John provide all of the comforts of home and beyond. This guest unit should support wellbeing and giving the guests with the ability to work, relax and stay healthy, simultaneously. Technological advances within several different sectors related to personal health have allowed us to reconsider the idea of wellbeing. Entries for this competition category should explore innovative and unique ideas. While 17John is going to feature 191 furnished units including studios, one and two-bedroom apartments, this competition category only requires the design of the one-bedroom unit. Guest suite requirements to include the following features:

1. Full bathroom with shower stall
2. Kitchen or kitchenette
3. Convertible or flexible work station
4. Finishes consisting of sustainable, repurposed or recycled materials
5. Energy efficient appliances, equipment, and fixtures

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Digital Services - Cotel Guest Experience Prize $10,000

How can we use technology to transform the sole purpose of “business travel” into an opportunity to build valuable networks and cultural experiences?

All of the features included in the Cotel guest experience are supported and facilitated through the Cotel app and web services. How guests interact with each other, the city they are staying in and the hotel management should be supported by the Cotel's digital services. 

Submission requirements for this category must include the following components:

- Mobile Application 
- Cotel Website

The digital services provided by these components need to account for the guest experience before, during and post-stay at the 17John Cotel. They should also connect Cotel services with guests' existing social profiles (linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Entries can be a single upload of an 11x17 tabloid landscape PDF or individual jpegs. The images and content should account for the following:

- Concept Narative 
- High-fi Screenshots 
- Design Process 

Documents to Download

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$ 50,000

Public Space


Private Space


Digital Services


Key Dates

Competition Opens

February 21, 2014

Submission Deadline

April 21, 2014

Project Ambassador
Hugo Corvalan
Project Jury
Founder and CEO of LifeEdited
Founder, Editor-in-Chief & President of PSFK Labs
Founder & CEO of Prodigy Network
Co-founder of Arts Thread & Director of the Society of British Interior Design London
Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School & Director of NASA Tournament Lab
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