Prodigy Design Lab is a global platform for crowdsourced real estate, architecture and design ideas. Participate on real projects and win a cash prize.


Why join our Competition?

We believe real estate modern challenges are best solved through the crowd.

Prodigy Design Lab was developed in 2014 by the crowdfunding real estate company Prodigy Network. Through Prodigy Design Lab real projects are visualized and crowdsourced to allow designers, architects, interior designers and planners to collaborate and solve some of the creative challenges real estate. With Prodigy Network as the leading company in crowdfunding in real estate, Prodigy Design Lab offers the ability for the crowd to ideate and fund the development of their own community. Prodigy Design Lab was conceived to not only provide Prodigy Network with a way of connecting to the crowd, but also a way for the crowd to connect with one another. As the platform continues to grow so will the crowd, and that's when the potential of the Lab will be fully realized. To kick of this effort Prodigy Network is pleased to present as its first competition - 17John the world's first Cotel.
Prodigy Network is committed to creating places where people and business flourish, having poured coherent, comprehensive, and collaborative approaches into the real estate industry throughout the Americas. Prodigy Network works with passion to engage with the crowd in modern city building, and takes ownership of the crowd’s shared prosperity. To kick of this effort Prodigy Network is pleased to present as its first competition - 17John the world's first Cotel.

Join competion and win!

Step 1
As the platform grows, users will have access to several competitions hosted by Prodigy Design Lab. Users can browse through the various options and select the competition they find the most inspiring.
Step 2
Prodigy Design Lab will provide users with both perimeters and resources for any given project. These guidelines will help creative minds to craft their vision and prepare to submit their project entry.
Step 3
After submitting the proper materials, users will be able to share their project and connect with the crowd. The submissions that inspire the most votes will be rewarded.


Prodigy Design Lab was conceived to facilitate the bottom-up approach to community and real estate development. The platform serves as a place to find inspiring ideas and home for the crowd to engage in this important conversation.
Open to anyone
Our platform is available to anyone, anywhere, to participate by submitting our simply by voting. You can join any project right now for free.
Real Projects
Your conceptual ideas on our cool real estate projects. Bring you best ideas and see them get built.
Global Exposure
Our projects our global and crowd as well. Share your project with friends on the web, and be a witness of the project massive outreach through our media partners across the globe.
We provide tools to customize your submission page and feedback support that are right for you. Write your story, upload videos, create a gallery of images, and build your crowdsource portfolio.
Influential Feedback
You get juried by highly influential people in the world of architecture, real estate, design and investments. Learn from their feedback and make memorable impressions with your work.
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