Crowdsourcing has allowed us to tap into the crowd's collective intelligence to design the future of hotels and the world's first "Cotel," 17John. See the winning designs from our recent competition.
Business travels at the speed of innovation, and the expectations of the “next-gen” business traveler around work, connectivity and socialization continue to evolve. In anticipation of these changes Prodigy Network has introduced into their project portfolio, 17John, the world’s first Cotel. This project will be a “living-canvas,” for the crowd to define the future of hotels and business travel. The 17John Cotel will be the first commercial building in New York designed by the crowd, and the first collaborative hotel in the world. More than just a place to stay, 17John will use smart-design to support community, connectivity, innovation and collaboration for all of its guests. The collective intelligence of the crowd has proven to be much sharper than the one of any individual expert. This crowdsourcing real estate model will examine the patterns of interaction among tens of thousands of people over a period of time, adopting a designer's approach to cutting edge innovation, high efficiency, rapid testing and regular iteration. Committed to structuring and implementing end-to-end operational urban transformation, Prodigy Network gives creates a unique opportunity where profit and creativity meet to change the world.
Feb 21, 2014
Apr 21, 2014
Founder and CEO of LifeEdited
Founder, Editor-in-Chief & President of PSFK Labs
Founder & CEO of Prodigy Network
Co-founder of Arts Thread & Director of the Society of British Interior Design
Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School & Director of NASA Tournament Lab
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